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Covid-19 Update

We just wanted to let all of our customers know that we are here for you and are doing our absolute best to put your safety, as well as the safety of our staff first during these uncertain times.

If you have seen the 'ABOUT' page, you will have seen that we are all family, we remain in the same social bubble throughout the pandemic and have always followed the rules put in place by the Government right from the very start. Within our building we have put the following rules and guides into place to ensure safety of each other and the customers:

  • Sanitizing stations, especially in reception.

  • Regular hand washing.

  • Social distancing (due to being family we do not social distance from each other, however, we always ensure to social distance from any guests we get in the building or out).

  • Fresh air flow within the building.

  • We ask that if you are planning on visiting us, that you ring beforehand so we can be prepared for your arrival.

  • Face masks have to be worn at all times within the building, if you forget yours we will have spares available.

  • To put our mind at rest as well as yours, we all have the home testing kits which we complete weekly.

We are continuously keeping up to date with all the Covid-19 news and any new regulations that are announced for our region will be put into action within our work unit.

Deliveries For The Online Store: 

Some deliveries may be delayed but we are working as hard as possible to ensure that all purchases made with us are sent out on time. If we are unable to send any products out based on our estimated schedule, we will be in contact to inform you of the delay, as well as a new estimated arrival of your item(s).

Take care, be kind and stay connected, we are all in this together.

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